In Biggles in the Gobi, Abbot Ching-Fu was a Chinese monk who was abbot and guardian of the Buddhist shrine at Nan-hu in the Gobi desert in Western China. When a party of Western missionaries who were being persecuted fled into that region, Abbot Ching-Fu sheltered them in the shrine which consisted of a series of artificial caves cut into a cliff overlooking a river.

By the time Algy and Ginger arrived at Nan-hu, the shrine had been attacked by the troops of the New Red Army under Colonel Ma Chang, and the Abbot and all but four of the missionaries had been captured and removed to a prison in the town of Tunhwang. Later, news arrived at Nan-hu that the prisoners were to be moved from Tunhwang to Ansi. Ginger concluded that if the prisoners were moved to Ansi, they would be out of reach so he proposed an operation to ambush the prison convoy and rescue the prisoners while they were on the road.

The operation was executed smoothly by Ginger with the assistance of some Kirghiz horsemen which Algy and Ginger had befriended. However the Abbot was not among those rescued. Dr Angus McDougall, one of the rescued prisoners, told Ginger that the Abbot had been released on the condition that he did not leave Tunhwang. The authorities had let him go because he was well-known as a holy man and had many friends. Continuing to hold him might well have triggered an uprising which the authorities were keen to avoid.

At the end of the book when Biggles returned to evacuate the people at Nan-hu, the Abbot was still in Tunhwang. The priests Feng-tao and Kao-Ming also remained behind to look after the shrine until the Abbot returned. After the rescue, Biggles returned to Nan-hu in the Halifax to drop some food and a bag of silver. Some of the money was promised to the Kirghiz for their help in the rescue. Algy had also promised to drop some money to rebuild the guest-house at the shrine. The original guest house had been laboriously built by the Abbot with donations from pilgrims but this had been destroyed in the events at Nan-hu.

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