In Biggles Hunts Big Game, Abdullah ibn Abu was an Egyptian housebreaker and petty criminal who was often in trouble with the police. When Biggles approached Major Grattan at police headquarters for the loan of a housebreaker, Abdullah happened to be in the police cell at that time because he had just been arrested for loitering with intent. Grattan told Biggles that in the area of housebreaking, Cairo can hold its own with any city in the world and Abdullah was his "most brilliant exponent". At the time Abdullah was brought before Biggles, he was just preparing to pick his cell lock and escape using a wire and a nail which he had removed from a broom.

Abdullah helped Biggles break into the offices of Stellar Skyways, enabling him to gather evidence against the counterfeiting gang led by Kravas. After the operation, Biggles brought Abdullah back to Major Grattan, suggesting that Grattan let him off lightly as a reward for a job well done. Biggles went further and told Grattan that Abdullah might be usefully employed by the police, an idea which the Major seemed interested in. Abdullah himself was also enthused about working for the police and they parted on good terms.

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