In Another Job for Biggles, Abu bin Hamud was a camel-driver who accompanied Doctor Guthram Darnley on his camel caravan expedition across the Rub al Khali or Empty Quarter. The camel-drivers were frequently changed as the caravan crossed tribal boundaries. Abu bin Hamud was one of only three coastal Arabs who agreed to stay with the expedition all the way. He was therefore with Doctor Darnley when he discovered the gurra at the Wadi al Arwat together with the other two coastal Arabs, Kuatim and Zahar. Darnley described Abu bin Hamud as the most intelligent of the three, his general organiser and interpreter.

Later, Abu bin Hamud, probably acting for Nicolo Ambrimos, persuaded Kuatim and Zahar to return to Wadi el Arwat to collect gurra seeds and burn the plants. When this had been done, Abu bin Hamud took the seeds and made off with the camels, leaving Kuatim and Zahar to die. Kuatim died but Zahar was rescued by Biggles and vowed to exact revenged for the death of his friend.

Abu bin Hamud was next seen in the drug farm of Nicolo Ambrimos located at El Moab. While out on patrol, he came upon Bertie who was attempting to blow up an irrigation dam to put an end to the drug growing activities there. Bertie was caught in the open and his automatic pistol was no match for Abu bin Hamud's rifle. Fortunately, Zahar had been providing overwatch for Bertie and attacked Abu bin Hamud, killing him with his knife.

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