The Air Ministry was, from 1918 to 1964, the government department responsible for the Royal Air Force, the air equivalent to the War Office and the Admiralty. The Air Ministry was responsible for functions such as production and procurement of military aircraft, air intelligence, and weather forecasting. The ministry was disestablished in 1964 when it was merged with the War Office and the Admiralty to form the Ministry of Defence.

From 1919 onwards, the Air Ministry was located in Adastral House, 10 Kingsway in the Holborn area of London. The building is still there, although, over the years it has been renamed several times, to "Television House', "St Catherine's House", "The Centrium", and more recently to "61 Aldwych", functioning as leased offices for various corporations.

In his various aviation exploits, Biggles could hardly have avoided dealings with the Air Ministry, whether he was in the R.A.F., or later when he headed the Special Air Police. While in Scotland Yard, he consulted colleagues in the Air Ministry on many occasions. However, the number of times he actually visited Adastral House are few, probably due to his aversion to working behind a desk. One such occasion was in the middle part of the Second World War when he went to the office of Air Commodore Raymond to meet Captain Rex Larrymore in Biggles in Borneo.

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