In Biggles' Combined Operation, Ali was a member of the drug gang headed by Colonel Nicolinos which operated a base on the Greek island of Venesos. Ali was the brother of Alfondez, a drug runner, and looked much like him although he never dressed so gaudily.

Bertie first met Ali when he was onboard the Saphos having been picked up as a castaway. At Venesos, after some initial sounding out by Alfondez, Ali came on board to recruit Bertie into the drug gang, telling him that they dealt mainly with oriental confectionery and that all Bertie had to do was to arrange to get parcels through customs once in a while. When Bertie played along, Ali had him blindfolded and taken by mule to the monastery at the centre of the island which the gang maintained as their headquarters.

There Bertie was taken to meet Colonel Nicolinos, but by this time, agents in London had already reported by radio that Bertie was a policeman. The Colonel angrily demanded how Bertie came to know about their base. Bertie, on a spot, planned some mischief and suggested that he ask Alfondez. The Colonel sent Ali to fetch Alfondez but Ali instead tipped his brother off and allowed him to escape.

The fleeing Alfondez ran into Biggles' party and begged for protection. In exchange, Biggles demanded that he take them back to the monastery. Nearing the place, Alfondez changed sides again when he saw Ali at the entrance. He tore himself away from Biggles' party and ran to Ali, as if he hoped to ingratiate himself by alerting the gang to the arrival of Biggles and co. Unfortunately, other members of the gang, and probably the Colonel himself soon came along. Obviously the Colonel did not buy the explanations offered by Alfondez or Ali and Alfondez was shot.

Later, during the shoot out between Biggles and co. and the Colonel's men in the chapel cum drug laboratory, Ali took the opportunity to knife the Colonel in the back to avenge the killing of his brother. Ali's final fate is unknown.

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