In Biggles Learns Something, Andre Plaudet was a French artist who was wanted by the French police for his involvement in the Algerian War. Among other crimes, he had been involved in a cafe brawl and had shot two gendarmes.

Plaudet was first spotted at a race meeting in Ascot. This puzzled Biggles as Marcel told him Plaudet was only interested in art and politics. He did not gamble or drink and had never been to a race meeting in his life. Biggles spotted Plaudet later at Newmarket races. Plaudet's presence at race meetings was a coincidence. He had been using a cross-Channel taxi service for criminals operated by a pilot named Laxter to get between France and England. Race meetings had been chosen as convenient places for Laxter drop off and pick up passengers using a Sud-Ouest Farfadet gyroplane. Biggles followed Laxter when he took off with Plaudet and radioed the course to the French police. Marcel Brissac took over the pursuit over the Channel and Plaudet was subsequently arrested with Laxter when the gyroplane landed in a field in Normandy.

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