In The Man Who Lost His Foot, Arbram Nifar was a Egyptian-Greek merchant who also ran a drug ring in London. Nifar imported Turkish and Egyptian cigarettes and appeared to be quite successful. The explanation, as Scotland Yard discovered, was that he also had a lucrative sideline producing and distributing heroin.

Nifar lived in a house in Hill Street, Mayfair. On weekends, he and his wife would drive down to a farm in Devon where poppy was grown hidden in a field of beans. Heroin was then produced from the poppy and the finished product brought to London where it was distributed to pushers.

Biggles was alerted to Nifar's activities when an old wartime colleague Nobby Donovan asked him for help with his drug addiction. Nobby had been led into the habit by a Greek chemist Valesid who had a shop near Paddington. According to Nobby, a Rolls Royce seemed to be linked to the supply of drugs to the shop. Police checks revealed that the Rolls was owned by Nifar, and surveillance of its movements revealed other shops which retailed Nifar's drugs as well as the location of Nifar's farm in Devon.

A ground visit to the farm showed that it appeared to grow nothing more than beans, but an air survey revealed strips of flowering plants within the bean field which Biggles recognised as poppy.

Gaskin and Biggles then laid a trap to destroy Nifar's drug ring. Nifar was apprehended with his wife when they returned from Devon with suitcases of drugs. Scotland Yard men followed the Rolls on its delivery runs to the various shops where the drug retailers were also picked up. Gaskin's men also staked out Nifar's house and arrested all the drug pushers who turned up there to pick up their supply.

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