In Biggles and the Blue Moon, Ayart was a Malay employee of Lin Seng stationed at Taihan. Like many of the other staff members of Taihan, Ayart probably had service experience. His main role at Taihan was to act as a sentry. When Biggles and Algy arrived at Taihan, Ayart was detailed to them as an armed escort. Ayart accompanied Biggles and Algy on their examination of the Taihan grounds and the golf course for a suitable landing strip. He was present when Biggles met Cortello at the pavilion.

Later, when Biggles planned to depart Taihan to fetch his Auster aircraft, Ayart offered to go with him. Their vehicle was ambushed just after leaving the Taihan compound. Biggles was captured by Cortello, Sosbell and the other bandits but Ayart managed to get away. He ran the distance down the private road until he reached the village at the junction with the main road where he reported the events to the police sergeant there. His information about Indonesian commandoes approaching Taihan resulted in three truckloads of government troops being despatched to Taihan.

The next day, Ayart, two policemen and two post office engineers went back up the private road towards Taihan to repair the phone line which had been cut by Cortello and his gang. There they met Biggles who had just managed to escape from capture.

Later, when the injured Lin Seng was being evacuated by Biggles' Auster, Ayart was asked to ride along to look after him.

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