Biggles Sets a Trap, by W. E. Johns was first published in 1962 by Hodder and Stoughton. The title page carried the subtitle "An unusual investigation by Biggles of the Air Police". There has only been one subsequent edition in the English language. The events in the book take place in 1961 in Britain.


Leofric Landaville, a young man whom Air Police had once prosecuted for a flying offence, looks up Biggles and tells him that he believes he is under a curse and expects to be killed soon. Biggles is intrigued and goes off with Bertie to investigate.

The novel includes a foreword touching on the Battle of Bosworth Field during the Wars of the Roses and on the origins of inn signs. Both topics play a significant role in the story.


Note: The sections below contain spoilers. In particular, the plot subpage (click here) has an extended summary of the narrative in the book


The Special Air PoliceEdit

  • Air Commodore Raymond
  • Biggles
  • Bertie Lissie



  • There are no aircraft in this story.



  • Ringlesby, Hampshire - a village in the New Forest
    • Ringlesby Hall
    • "The Spurs"
    • Local village church


Research NotesEdit

  • Algy and Ginger are mentioned as being on leave in this book.

References to the pastEdit



(see also table at Timeline of the Biggles Stories)

  • In Chapter 1, Biggles states that it has been 476 years since 1486.
  • In Chapter 3, Leofric states clearly that they are in 1961.


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