Biggles of the Interpol by W. E. Johns was a collection of short stories which was first published in 1957 by Brockhampton. The book was the sixth anthology of short stories set in the Special Air Police era of Biggles' career. Some of the storieshad first appeared in magazines and other publications.

Despite the "Interpol" in the title, not all the stories featured the international nature of his police work. Marcel Brissac did appear a few times but he and an Australian police sergeant were the only non-British police officers Biggles worked with in the stories and the Australian police sergeant doesn't even get a name!

In fact a number of stories were purely domestic in setting but a few took him to exotic places like Africa and Arabia.


Biggles of the Interpol was the sixth anthology of short stories written about Biggles in the Air Police and consists of 11 stories:

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