In Biggles Goes Home, Bira Shah was a Gond tribesman who helped Biggles in his rescue of Poo Tah Ling from the jungles of Garhwal.

While out hunting with his partner Mata Dhinn, they came across Biggles'encampment by the shore of lake Timbi Tso. They told Biggles they did not know where the camp of Captain John Toxan was. Ram Shan, a fellow hunter from their village had seen Toxan before but he would only agree to lead Biggles there if the tiger terrorizing their village was first eliminated.

When Biggles and Bertie succeeded in killing the tiger, Bira Shah accompanied Ram Shan, Biggles and Bertie to the Nullah Tangla where Toxan's camp was. There they found the injured Captain toxan and also rescued Mr Poo Tah Ling from Chinese soldiers who had captured him. Towards the end of the book, he assisted in evacuating Biggles' party from the nullah, carrying the injured Captain Toxan to the lake shore where they were able to board the Gadfly and depart from the scene.

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