In Biggles in the Terai, Bula Din was the personal secretary of Mr Kama Akbar, the manager of the airport at Shara. In the pay of the gold smuggling gang run by Holman Larta, Bula Din kept his gang informed of the arrival of Biggles and Bertie at Shara.

Later, Bula Din attempted to plant a poisonous snake in Biggles' Auster. But Biggles had foreseen such a sabotage attempt and had instructed Ram Singh to sleep in the aircraft with a whistle. When Ram Singh spotted movement in the hanger, he blew the whistle, which sent Bula Din scurrying away, dropping a bag with the snake inside as well as his horn-rimmed glasses.

Biggles and Bertie spotted the bag and glasses but left them on the hanger floor. They later met Bula Din coming towards the hangar, pretending to be on his inspection rounds. When after a few minutes, Biggles found that the snake bag and glasses had been removed, they were satisfied that Bula Din had been the guilty one. Playing along, Biggles and Bertie pretended not to know anything about the incident. Bula Din was concerned to know who had blown the whistle but he couldn't find Ram Singh in the hangar because Biggles had sent him off for breakfast. When Ram Singh returned, Biggles pretended he was meeting Ram Singh for the first time that day so that Bula Din was kept guessing about what really happened.

At the end of the book Bula Din was arrested together with other members of the gang.

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