In Biggles Sorts It Out, Bunny Hale was the Chief Instructor at the Mealing Flying Club. Described as a small, dark young man with an outsize moustache, Hale was an ex-Flying Officer of the Royal Air Force and knew Biggles. At Mealing, he gave flying lessons and issued a flying licence to Richard Browning, Biggles' suspect in the theft of Lord Langdon's rubies. During his investigations, Biggles decided to call on Mealing Flying club, reasoning that Browning might have taken an aircraft from there since he was a member. When approached by Biggles, Hale had some surprises for Biggles. First, the club had not lost any aircraft. Browning had taken an aircraft, a twin-engine Martin, but it was his own--he had bought it over from the club for two thousand five hundred pounds in cash. Second, he mentioned that Browning might have a girl friend--a dark, slim girl about 17 whom he would sometimes bring to the club on the back of his motor-bike. He had also given her a few joyrides. Hale didn't know it but this girl was Lady Caroline Langdon. It puzzled Biggles at that time that she would connive with Browning in the theft of rubies which she would one day inherit herself.

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