In Another Job for Biggles, Captain Jerry Norman was a retired Middle East Political Officer who was residing in Aden at the time Biggles was sent there.

Air Commodore Raymond had recommended Norman as a local contact for Biggles. Norman spoke all the local dialects and knew practically everything and everybody in Aden and could give Biggles any local background that he needed. When Biggles arrived at Aden, he asked Norman if he knew how to contact any of the three Arabs who were with Doctor Guthram Darnley.

Norman had made enquiries and told Biggles that the three Arabs were not in Aden and nobody seemed to know where they were. However, from a local contact, Norman had learnt that one of them, Abu bin Hamud had been seen going into the office of one Nicolo Ambrimos. Norman then supplied Biggles with background on Ambrimos, a wealthy merchant, dealing mainly with incense but who seems to have an interest in almost everything. There were rumours that he dealt in hashish.

Biggles speculated that it have been Hamud who had taken some gurra seeds and then burnt the gurra plants in the at Wadi el Arwat so that he have the only source of supply. If so, Hamud might have taken the seeds to Abrimos, hoping for a reward. Biggles decided to follow up on this lead by going to see Abrimos on the pretext of looking for Hamud to set up an oil prospecting expedition. Norman warned him to be careful not to let Abrimos find out the true purpose of his mission because Abrimos was also a dangerous man with spies everywhere.

At the end of the book, when Biggles had returned to Britain after successfully concluding his mission, Norman contacted Biggles with details of the local gossip. It seemed that Abrimos had disappeared. No one seemed to know what had become of him and he had not been seen in Aden or any of the local ports where he conducted his business. This confirmation of the demise of this dangerous criminal brought cheer to Biggles and his colleagues.

Captain Jerry Norman also shows up in the Vandersteen comic Biggles in Arabië which is loosely based on the plot of Another Job for Biggles. Here Norman has a slightly larger role. He supposedly arranged the expedition of Doctor Guthram Darnley and like in the original novel, also made enquiries about the guides. He calls Biggles from a cafe frequented by camel drivers, saying he had found an informant willing to talk about Abu bin Hamud. However, Norman must have been overheard by spies working for Nicolo Ambrimos and he was abducted and locked up in the basement of the cafe. Biggles and the local police later found and released him.

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