In Biggles Makes Ends Meet, Carwell is the control officer at Jaffna Airport. Biggles called on Carwell shortly after arriving at Jaffna to begin his investigations on Mr Tidore's complaint that he had been robbed by pirates. Carwell, an ex-R.A.F. officer told Biggles he had a feeling something was going on in Jaffna. One could "smell something in the atmosphere" but could not put a finger on it. He pointed out a green Dakota which called occasionally in Jaffna, having flown in from Macao, piloted by a Japanese named Mitsubu. On hearing that Biggles was in Jaffa to speak to Tidore, Carwell told him about rumours that Tidore made "a bit more on the side", probably by smuggling dope. Tidore was, according to Carwell, someone whom it was better not to talk about.

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