In Biggles Foreign Legionnaire, Charlie was the name of the manager of the Aladdin's Lamp night-club, the rendezvous for the operatives of the war-mongering syndicate in Alexandria. When Biggles and Ginger inflitrated the war-mongering syndicate, they were sent from Algiers to Alexandria and told to report to the Aladdin's Lamp. There they were met greeted by Charlie in a fairly obsequious manner. Charlie offered them a drink but Biggles brushed Charlie's advances off, telling him they were there for business and to get on with the business. Both Biggles and Ginger took a dislike to Charlie and he became the subject of one of Johns' detailed word pictures.

John's described Charlie as "short, stout, unhealthy-looking white man of about fifty whose skin looked as if it hadn't seen daylight for a long time." He was, in Ginger's eyes, "overfed, over-indulgent in every form of vice, over in everything except clean living."

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