In Biggles in Australia, Charlie was an Australian aborigine and an associate of Roth, a member of von Stalhein's Australian espionage network. Both Charlie and Roth were at Tarracooma when Biggles and Bill Gilson arrived to investigate the murder of Joe Hopkins.

At Tarracooma, Gilson spotted Hopkin's rifle inside Roth's bungalow and asked how it came to be there. Roth said he got it off one of his men, Charlie. Charlie was actually in the room at that time, together with Adamsen and some others but Roth pretended that he had fired Charlie a week ago. Gilson wanted to take Roth to Broome for questioning, but Roth resisted, and in the ensuing struggle, he called out to Charlie for help. Charlie, thus exposed, whipped out a knife and would have stabbed Gilson but Biggles was quicker and shot and wounded him first. A search of Charlie's pockets revealed a pouch of gold which Gilson identified as belonging to Joe Hopkins, thus confirming his belief that Charlie was the murderer. Charlie and Roth were both arrested and served long prison sentences.

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