In Biggles' Combined Operation, Colonel Nicolinos was the leader of a large drug gang which operated from an abandoned monastery on the Greek island of Venesos. The gang had extensive operations, including distribution centres in major European capitals, such as the Laughing Horse Bar in Paris where it appeared to enjoy a monopoly on the distribution of heroin. The gang was well-equipped and included in its inventory several ships, such as the Saphos, and taxis fitted with radios. It also had a wide intelligence network. When Bertie arrived at Venesos, the Colonel was able to call his agents in London who reported, apparently within hours, that Bertie was in actual fact a policeman.

The Colonel had killed one of his operatives, the drug runner Alfondez whom he thought had revealed the location of his base to Bertie. Later, during a shoot-out between his gang members and Biggles and his party, Ali, the brother of Alfondez, took the opportunity of the confusion to knife the Colonel in the back in order to avenge the death of his brother.

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