In Biggles Hunts Big Game, Constantino's Restaurant was an inn in Cairo where Biggles and Algy stayed when they came down to Cairo to support Ginger and Bertie who had gone undercover at Kudinga, the hunting lodge in Central Africa operated by the counterfeiting gang they were investigating. When Tug Carrington, who was also working undercover as a pilot for the gang, flew in to Cairo from Kudinga, Biggles asked Tug to meet him at Constantino's. Constantino's was located very near to Almaza Airport and was described as a "rather sordid eating-house in the Greek style with a few bedrooms available". Biggles probably chose Constantino's partly because of its proximity to the airport and partly in order to keep a low profile. In the event this did not help, as the gang's spies soon informed their leader, Kravas, that Biggles was in Cairo. Constantino's is a fictional place, but the description given must mean it would be located in Heliopolis, or what is today also known as Misr el Gedida district of Cairo.

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