In Dawn Patrol, David Kleiner was the secretary and chief instructor of the Listern Flying Club in Sussex. David was an ex-R.A.F. pilot and blind-flying instructor. After he left the R.A.F., his father, Otto Kleiner, a wealthy owner of a posh Mayfair night-club, set up the flying club for him.

While out on patrol, Ginger spotted David coming in from the channel coast in an Auster. All would have been routine but, David, upon noticing Ginger's aircraft, then dodged into cloud cover. Later, Ginger discovered that the David's Auster had been carrying false registration letters. Investigations showed that Otto Keliner's night-club was a hang-out of several known drug addicts. David was also found to have a brother in Paris. At Biggles' request, Marcel Brissac kept David's brother under surveillance and found that David landed and met his brother at Evreux. Marcel arrested the brother but just missed David. Alerted to this, Biggles flew to Listern and caught David as he was coming in to land from France and discovered a container of heroin on board. David and his father were subsequently given long sentences by an English court.

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