In The Case of the Sabotaged Parachute, Dawfield Manor was the residence and smuggling base of Louis Brand. A old Georgian manor house in Hampshire, Dawfield used to belong to one Sir Roy Wilton who was killed in an aircrash in Africa while on a big-game hunting trip about two years before the events narrated in the story. Louis Brand subsequently bought the manor and used it as a base for his smuggling operations. He travelled frequently between Dawfield and France, often parachuting into the grounds of the estate with his contraband instead of running the risk of having a foreign registered aircraft land and possibly be stranded in Britain.

When Biggles and Gaskin raided the manor, they found an Aubert Cigale-Major in one of the outhouses of the estate. Inside, they arrested Brand and Leroux and collected documents which implicated Brand in a number of criminal rackets, including gun-running, drug trafficking and currency smuggling.

Dawfield Manor is a fictional location.

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