In Biggles at World's End, Der Wespe, or the Wasp in English, was the name of Hugo Gontermann's yacht. With orange sails, a black-painted hull and equipped with an auxilliary engine, Gontermann spent a lot of his time sailing the yacht in the Magellan Straits. It was surmised and later proven that he was in fact searching for the gold buried by the Dresden, which Gontermann presumably learned about from his father, an ex-crewman of that ship. Gontermann had two accomplices who lived rough on the various islands in the Straits searching for the gold, being resupplied by Der Wespe.

Towards the end of the book, Gontermann landed from Der Wespe in thick fog on the island where Biggles had found the gold. Moving to bargain and then to threaten Biggles about the gold, GOntermann and his men temporarily left his yacht unguarded. Screeching sounds were heard which indicated that some Indians might have discovered the yacht and had begun to loot it, causing Gontermann and his men to beat a hasty retreat to secure their craft. Both sides awaited reinforcements to break the stalemate--Gontermann was waiting for a Russian whaler while Biggles was waiting for H.M.S. Petrel. The whaler arrived first but ran aground in the thick fog--leaving the gold to be recovered by a shore party from the British frigate. The fate of Der Wespeat the end of the story remained uncertain. Gontermann had gone on board the whaler, a place where Chilean security officials, learning of his treachery, remarked that he was better off remaining. The whaler was later found abandoned and wrecked. It was assumed that the crew were picked up by another Russian vessel. Presumably, Gontermann had followed the Russian crew, thus abandoning Der Wespe.

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