In The Case of the Murdered Apprentice, Edmund Teale was an aircraft apprentice who was murdered and whose body turned up far away, having been transported by an aircraft. On the day he was murdered, The son of a gamekeeper, Teale departed Halton Camp on leave and caught a train to Buckbury, in Essex. He arrived at ten to eleven but had missed the last bus to Stanfield Corner, the nearest stop to his parent's home. He then decided to leave his kitbag with the station-master and walked home. He set off on a short cut through some fields but did not arrive home. The next morning his body was found on the Dutch coast on a sandbank.

Biggles' investigation determined that, while walking home, Teale must have passed by Larford Hall and there he must have caught sight of the Fokker aircraft belonging to Rudolf Lurgens which had landed in a field in the estate. His professional interest aroused, Teale then dropped his haversack and climbed over the fence for a closer look (his haversack was found near to some bent wire in the fence). How he ended up being shot was never known as Lurgens, the prime suspect, was himself killed in a shootout with Biggles. It was thought that Teale probably managed to investigate the aircraft at close quarters and could have discovered that it was engaged in smuggling and so was killed by Lurgens to keep him quiet. Teale's bllodstains was found in the Fokker and the fatal bullet matched Lurgen's pistol.

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