In The Case of the Black Sheep, Flight Lieutenant R. Q. Paullson, D.F.C. was an ex-R.A.F. pilot who turned to sheep farming after leaving the service. He purchased Lagganmalloch island, an ex-R.A.F. seaplane station in the Hebrides and converted it into a sheep farm. Paullson registered a Gipsy Moth seaplane Number R1247, which he used for communicating with the mainland. Otherwise, the only link with the outside world was a weekly steamer service provided by MacRowlands coastal steamer service. Paullson specialised in the raising of black St. Kilda's sheep and shipped his wool to a wool merchant Louis Vanberger of Glasgow via Baltroonie.

When Vanberger realised that Paullson had an aircraft, he approached him with a proposition to pick up some cargo from the sea and delivering it to him hidden in his bales of wool. Vanberger hinted that this was a way of getting American cigarettes which Paullson liked. Paullson agreed to help and used his seaplane to fetch parcels which had been dropped overboard by the ship Sirocco. Paullson never knew that the parcels contained contraband nylons. He assumed that they were cigarettes since that was what he received in payment for his services.

When challenged by Biggles, Paullson broke down and confessed to his part in the smuggling racket. However Biggles believed him when he said he never knew they were nylons, and convinced him to turn King's evidence against Vanberger. Biggles also convinced the Customs authorities not to take any further action against Paullson as it was clear that Paullson had learnt his lesson.

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