In The Case of the Sabotaged Parachute, Flight Sergeant Betts was a retired R.A.F. serviceman who proved instrumental in helping Scotland Yard solve the case of the death of Raoul Dubroc.

Betts served 12 years in the R.A.F., attaining the rank of Flight Sergeant. Part of his time in service was spent as a dog handler. After his retirement, he decided to become a dog breeder and took up a farm, Dell Farm, near Sway, in the New Forest area.

When his son, Len Betts found a parachute while out on a walk in the woods, Betts noticed that the parachute cords had been cut. Finding this suspicious, he called Sctoland Yard. Inspector Gaskin summoned Biggles because of the aviation angle. Biggles, on seeing the cut cords, immediately concluded, as did Betts at first, that foul play must have been involved. Some kind of murder must have taken place. A search of the surrounding woods turned up the body of Raoul Dubroc. From there, a trail of clues led finally to the destruction of the gun-running gang which Dubroc had been part of.

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