In Biggles Makes Ends Meet, the Floridia was a yacht belonging to Colonel Black, the leader of the smuggling gang with a secret base in the Nicobar Islands. An oil burning vessel flying the American flag, the Floridia attacked and robbed the Shima, a pearling sambuk belonging to Mr Tidore, resulting in Tidore putting in an insurance claim of ten thousand pounds. Later, Ginger, while conducting a reconnaissance of the gang's secret island base, came across the Floridia moored next to a junk. Seizing the opportunity, GInger cut the mooring ropes and caused the Floridia to run aground. The members of the Colonel's gang attempted to refloat the vessel but before this could be done, Bertie set fire to some oil drums near to it to create a diversion. The resulting flames consumed the Floridia, leaving it a burnt out wreck.

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