In The Flying Crusaders, Galton was a sergeant and a pilot serving in the U.S. Air Force. During the Second World War, he had served in an American squadron based in East Anglia. After the war, he was stationed in Berlin. There he had lost heavily while gambling and had been persuaded by a renegade American, Joseph Silberman to do a favour. Galton was to travel to Britain (on forged papers provided by Silberman) to bid at an auction at Mancroft Castle for a vintage aircraft named "The Flying Crusader" and then deliver it to Silberman at nearby Hookley Green.

Galton was outbid by Ginger at the auction. Later that night, Galton crept into the hangar, intending to steal the aircraft but found Biggles waiting for him. Caught in the act, he agreed to help Biggles catch Silberman, who was a suspect in the theft of a valuable painting as well as a traitor wanted by U.S. authorities. Galton flew to the rendezvous with Silberman as arranged, drawing the thief into the open, allowing Biggles to arrest him with the stolen painting in his hands.

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