In No Rest for Biggles, General Homer Mander was a U.S. Army general. He was making a global survey of possible sites for US military bases when he was summoned home. The R.A.F. supplied a Handley Page Hastings V.I.P. transport to fly him home to the United States from Aden, but the aircraft was brought down over the jungles of Liberia where the General and the other passengers were taken prisoner by Christophe and held in a jungle camp by Chritophe's troops. Christophe had secured a secret weapon capable of causing aircraft engines to stop. One of Mander's secretaries was Al Cox, in realty a security officer. He told the General that the secret weapon was a U.S. experimental device which had recently been stolen by an Air Force mechance named Dessalines who turned out to be Christophe's partner. Together they hoped to start an African empire. Biggles arrived to free the prisoners and Mander was among those who were safely flown to Dakar by Wing Commander Tony Wragg. Christophe had wanted to drive a hard bargain with von Stalhein for the payment for the secret weapon but was double crossed when von Stalhein brought in mercenaries to massacre Christophe's troops. However it turned out that Christophe had one last card to play--he had hidden the General's valise containing valuable classified information. He gave this to Biggles in exchange for saving his life. Biggles returned the valise to the General at the end of the book.

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