In Biggles Follows On, General Kwang-Sen was a senior officer in the Chinese Army who supervised Kratsen, a camp on the Manchurian coast which the Communist forces used to keep army deserters from the West for the purposes of using them to make propaganda broadcasts to the UN forces fighting in the Korean War.

Kwang-Sen seemed to have some authority over Kratsen and its commander, Commandant Kubenoff. At the time Biggles launched his raid on Kratsen, Kwang-Sen was camp HQ drinking with Kubenoff. Von Stalhein had also arrived and urged Kwang-Sen to have Guardsman Ross brought before them because he knew Ross was a spy planted by Biggles. Kwang-Sen disagreed, prefering to do it in the morning. He did however agree to put on extra guards and to let von Stalhein speak to him.

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