In Biggles Hunts Big Game, General Sir Yardley-Simmonds, K.C.B., D.S.O., of Barrington Hall, Leicester, was a former guest of the hunting lodge at Kudinga. After Biggles broke into the Cairo offices of Stellar Skyways, he discovered, among other things, the head of a leopard which had been shot by the General. The hunting trophy had been address to the General care of a taxidermist in London, Samuel Cassar & Co. Bantock Place, London, E.C.4. When Biggles cut the head open, he discovered that it was filled with £5 notes. This discovery gave Biggles an important clue as to the modus operandi of the counterfeiting gang. As Algy noted, the General was a member of the army council and above suspicion. The counterfeiting gang would stuff his trophy with their contraband. The general's name was important enough to allow the trophy to pass through customs easily. After this, the trophy would go to the taxidermist for final dressing and setting up. The taxidermist would remove the contraband before delivering the trophy to the rightful owner who would never suspect that his name was being used to facilitate a crime.

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