In Biggles Hunts Big Game, George was an operative of the counterfeiting gang led by Kravas. George was a wartime associate of the gang's master forger Dr Dorov, working with the doctor when he was in charge of Hitler's forgery and counterfeiting department. After the war, George had joined the gang along with Dorov and was employed as a mechanic, working at the printing shop which the gang maintained at their hunting-lodge at Kudinga.

Towards the end of the book, as the managers of the gang feared that Biggles was closing in, the manager at the lodge, Kreeze, ordered George and his fellow mechanic Stephan to sink the printing shop, which had been built in a watertight building on pontoons on a lake. This would remove any evidence from the eyes of the police. However, after opening the valves to flood the pontoons, Bertie, who was trapped inside the printing shop fired some shots. George feared this might have punctured the walls or roof of the building and thus closed the valves to stop the flooding process and went back to report to Kreeze.

Kreeze, and the the gang leader Kravas, who had arrived at Kudinga, were upset with George's actions but he explained that Bertie might have punctured the walls, in which case the whole print shop would be flooded. If so, there may not be enough buoyancy in the pontoons to raise the print shop later, or an attempt to raise it may cause it to turn turtle.

In the event, the print shop was not sunk. Biggles got to the print shop and power station first and raised the print shop, allowing Ginger and Bertie to get out. Not long after this, a large contingent of Egyptian police raided Kudinga, putting an end to the gang's operations. George was last seen heading across the open plains beyond Kudinga with a party of African employees. Major Grattan, who had led the police raid, concluded that George had little chance of reaching civilisation.

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