In Biggles' Combined Operation, Georges Macula was an operative of the drug gang in Paris. He was sent to shadow Eddie Ross after Ross had made a strident speech against drug trafficking at an Interpol Conference in Paris. Biggles thought he was a Greek or Eastern European when he first saw him at a cafe, sitting a few tables from where he, Ross and Marcel were discussing the drug trafficking situation in Europe and the U.S. Later, Marcel told Biggles that, from police photo files, Macula was thought to be Romanian and that he was a "knife-slinging apache" who hung out in the Latin Quarter and closely associated with Del Grikko, owner of the Laughing Horse Bar. Both Macula and Del Grikko had criminal records.

Macula followed Biggles and Ross to Biggles' hotel, the Hotel Pont-Royal. There, he took up station at a tabac on the Rue du Bac to watch the entrance of the hotel. Later, a man came to see Macula and then left in a taxi. Biggles sent Ginger to follow the taxi which ended at the Laughing Horse Bar. When Ginger did not return after some time, Biggles thought Ginger might be in trouble. He and Ross used the service lift to evade Macula and proceeded to the bar.

At the Laughing Horse Bar, Biggles forced his way into Del Grikko's office and found Ginger barely conscious, after having been drugged. Biggles was going to bluff his way out and retrieve Ginger but unfortunately Macula entered the office just then and told Del Grikko that he had seen Biggles with Ross in the morning so he must also be a policeman. This landed Biggles and Ginger in a tight spot and Del Grikko might have shot them had not Marcel then burst in to the rescue.

Later at his hotel, Biggles learnt from the reception desk that a man who had been waiting in the hall for a long time had asked for him. The reception clerk had called his room but, getting no reply, told the man that Biggles must have gone out. Biggles surmised that this man must have been Macula, or his relief Lucien, which could have explained why Macula had rushed to the Laughing Horse Bar to report.

At the time Macula met Biggles, he was wearing a black beret, a flashy tie and "natty brown and white shoes", which seemed, on the face of it, highly unsuitable attire for surveillance work.

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