In Equatorial Encounter, Griggs was an American gangster and trouble maker who operated in West Africa.

Griggs had approached Anderson, a Scottish planter with a proposition. Anderson had already established several successful plantations in Sierra Leone supplying valuable botanical oils and gums for British industry but Griggs suggested he could raise his prices by shipping his produce to other markets. Griggs claimed to have powerful friends behind him and could make the necessary arrangements. Anderson, however, knew of Griggs' reputation--he had been causing trouble in the region for years--and so refused to deal with him.

Griggs then brought in a witch doctor and using a combination of superstition and fear, took control of Anderson's workforce. When Anderson caught a bout of fever, Griggs and his men seized him and had him locked up in a hut at a jungle airstrip which they constructed. Anderson's workers were forced to continue working and the produce was shipped by air from the airstrip to Bouflé by air and then by rail to Port Bouet, both in the French Ivory Coast.

When the British government sent in a secret agent named Joseph Nelson to investigate the disappearance of their industrial shipments, Griggs apprehended him and threw him into the same lock up as Anderson.

Biggles and co. were sent in to locate Nelson and Anderson. After a thorough air search, they located Grigg's secret, camouflaged airstrip. As the airstrip lay just inside French territory, Biggles summoned Marcel's help. Together they flew into the airstrip to apprehend the gang. The gang resisted arrest and a brief shootout ensued. Griggs drew his gun and wounded a French policeman whereupon Biggles and Marcel shot him dead. The rest of Griggs' gang escaped in their aircraft and were arrested when they landed at Bouflé.

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