In Biggles Works Overtime, Hay was the British agent for the Aircom Corporation, an American aircraft company. Normally stationed at Gatwick, Biggles called on him twice during his investigation into the crash of an Aircom Owlet in Sudan supposedly flown by Eustace Bowden on an attempt to break the solo light plane record from London to Cape Town.

Biggles was suspicious of the fact that the aircraft was not fast enough to break the record even if it flew at full throttle all the way. Hay, while confirming that the aircraft was a standard model, told Biggles that he was not a pilot's information bureau. "Bowden had money to pay, I had the machine to sell," he said. However he added that he had a feeling that Bowden was phoney because he did not have money of his own. The money had been put up by a nineteen year old boy named Anthony Renford who was a pupil pilot at the flying club where Bowden was an instructor. Hay did not know why Renford had put up the money for an aircraft for someone else to fly.

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