In Horace Takes a Hand, Horace Wilburton was a fifteen year old schoolboy who visited Biggles in person to report on some aircraft activity in Dartmoor which he considered suspicious.

Horace was described as fair, pale and small in stature, with blue eyes behind large steel-rimmed glasses, He lived with his mother at Woolsden Hall, Glensden in Devon on the edge of Dartmoor. His father was in the Diplomatic Service and happened to be abroad at the time of the story. Horace's hobby was entomology and he spent a great deal of time walking in Dartmoor collecting specimens of local butterflies and moths. On several occasions, he spotted an Auster landing in Dartmoor. Each time, the pilot first surveyed the surrounding landscape carefully before unloading a large parcel and disappearing into a wood or dell-hole and them emerging from it empty-handed.

Horace impressed Biggles with his keen observation skills and thoroughness. He had noted that the meteorological conditions were the same each time he spotted the aircraft. He had also taken note of the aircraft registration and appearance as well as the dates of each sighting.

Following up on Horace's report, Biggles discovered a cache or "safe-hideout" belonging to a Dartmoor "escape club" which was run by Carlo Costino. For his efforts, Horace received a letter of thanks from the Chief Commissioner of Police.

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