In Biggles' Combined Operation, Biggles selected the Hotel Europe in Marseilles as the rendezvous for him and his friends while they were on the trail of the drug gang. Eddie Ross had followed Alfondez from the Laughing Horse Bar in Paris to Marseilles, where the drug runner was seen boarding a ship, the Saphos. Biggles told Ross to stay put while Marcel and Ginger would fly down from Paris. Meanwhile Biggles would return to London to fetch the Otter amphibian as he expected to have to pursue the ship at sea. As a rendezvous, Biggles nominated the Hotel Europe, which he said was on the main street and so easy to find.

The Hotel Europe which Biggles had in mind is probably a fictional place. The main street which Biggles meant is probably the "La Canebière" but there is no such hotel on that street. A Hotel Europe does exist today on a side street off La Canebière, but it is unlikely that Biggles meant this small, family-run establishment.

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