In Biggles Hunts Big Game, The International Pilots' Club was a club for pilots of Stellar Skyways, the front airline operated by the international counterfeiting ring led by Kravas. It was located in a house called "The Laurels" on Upper Purley Walk near Croydon Airport. When Tug Carrington, going undercover, managed to get himself recruited by Stellar Skyways, he was told to stay there as the airline liked their pilots near at hand. Tug found the place well appointed, the airline having invested in making the place cheerful and comfortable for its pilots. At the end of the book, the club was raided by the police. Some useful evidence was found there as was Mr Black, a senior operative of the gang, who was arrested.

The club itself is fictional, as is The Laurels. Upper Purley Walk does not exist but Purley Way (part of the A23) is the road on which Croydon Airport was located.

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