In Biggles Hunts Big Game, Ivan was the chief pilot employed by Stellar Skyways, the airline operated by the international counterfeiting gang controlled by Kravas. As the senior pilot, Ivan interviewed and approved the recruitment of new pilots into the airline. In this capacity, he met and interviewed Tug Carrington with another gang employee, Mr Black. After going through Tug's service record and qualifications, and testing him on his knowledge of aviation matters, Ivan declared that Tug was suitable for the company.

Ivan was described as a man about thrity, tall, well-built and "good-looking, in a harsh, angular sort of way", with pale-grey, cold and unsmiling eyes. Although he spoke English well, it was with a pronounced accent laced with a lot of R.A.F. slang. Tug judged that Ivan was most probably a Polish pilot who servd with the R.A.F. during the Second World War. After signing Tug up, Ivan flew with Tug on his first flight with Stellar Skyways, from Croydon to Cairo, in effect, conducting Tug's check flight. Along the way, Ivan asked Tug if he had ever met Biggles and commented that Biggles had some shocks coming to him.

After reaching Cairo, Ivan was to have gone with Tug to Kudinga, but Louis, the company clerk at Cairo sent Ivan to Rome on urgent business and despatched Tug on his own to Kudinga.

As chief pilot, Ivan was usually the personal pilot of Kravas, the leader of the gang. However because of the need to attend to urgent business in Rome, the job of flying Kravas fell to Tug towards the end of the book.

At the end of the book, Ivan was arrested together with the rest of the gang.

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