In Biggles in Australia, Jimmy Alston was a Qantas pilot who was able to give Biggles valuable leads in his investigation of von Stalhein's espionage network.

Von Stalhein had arrived in Australia after being shipwrecked and had been taken to Darwin. Biggles, who was investigating the purpose for von Stalhein's arrival in Australia, had requested West, an air traffic control officer in Darwin to help. Accordingly, West had followed up on von Stalhein's movements. Apparently, von Stalhein had left Darwin on board a chartered Qantas Lockheed Constellation. The aircraft had been flown by Jimmy Alston who had collected von Stalhein and flown him to Brisbane. Alston's flight had been chartered by a mysterious man named Smith who had paid for it in cash. According to what Alston told West, von Stalhein seemed to be heading elsewhere after that as he remained at the airport as though waiting for someone.

Later Alston relayed to Biggles through West that he had seen Smith at Cloncurry trying to buy a second-hand Auster with a pilot named Cozens. The aircraft had a registration VH-NZZ.

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