In Biggles Hunts Big Game, Joe was an operative of the conterfeiting gang headed by Kravas. Described as a heavily-built man, Joe was sent as a minder for Tug Carrington after Mr Black and Ivan had recruited him as a pilot in Stellar Skyways. He shadowed Tug from the palm lounge of the Regency Hotel, Piccadily to Tug's lodgings. He evesdropped on Tug's phone calls from the hotel desk and even tried to enter Tug's room. He imposed himself on Tug and more or less insisted on driving Tug to Croydon, to the International Pilots' Club where Tug had been told to lodge at. When Tug asked just how long Joe was going to follow him around, Hoe replied, "Just until the boss is satisfied that you ain't likely to lose yerself in this big town."

Tug found Joe vaguely familiar, whereupon Joe told him that his face was in all the newspapers some months ago when he had been caught smuggling. He had been in the British Army at that time, and had been bringing in "a few odds and ends of jewellery" from Germany when coming home on leave. He got caught and spent six months in prison.

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