In Biggles Works It Out, Joe was the Australian aborigine tracker who worked for John Brand, the manager of Barula Creek gold mine. After the mine's gold convoy was ambushed and robbed at Sandy Bottoms, Biggles flew Brand and Joe to the crime scene, hoping to discover some clues.

Brand's trackers had already covered the ground before and had found nothing more than tracks of 3 men who seemed to disappear into suddenly. Biggles believed that an aircraft could have been used, and thee dust thrown up by the propwash could have ocvered up the tracks. Aerial photos taken by Biggles revealed what looked like the track of an aircraft with a tricycle undercarriage. Biggles took his Vickers Wellington carefully over the position of the tracks in the photos and landed just beyond them. He then turned his aircraft around and used his engines to blow off the top layer of fine sand, revealing the tracks of the aircraft that was probably used in the robbery. While Ginger took measurements of the tracks, Joe searched for other clues which may have been uncovered. He found a button and a piece of paper which was the sleeve of a toothpick from the Hotel de Paris, Monte Carlo. Biggles was delighted by Joe's discoveries as they told him much about the profile of the suspects. As he told Brand and Joe, "I would have come to Australia for less."

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