In Biggles Foreign Legionnaire, Johann Klutz was the operations manager of the war-mongering syndicate.

Klutz formerly worked for the rich and powerful arms trader Julius Rothenburg, fronting most of the transactions while his boss remained in the background. After Rothenburg died, Klutz worked for the "Committee of Three", the group of rich financiers, Nestor Janescu, Hugo Festwolder and Fabiano Pantenelli who controlled the war-mongering syndicate. Biggles first met Klutz at Villa Mimosa, the Zebrit residence of Jules Raban, another syndicate operative.

Biggles, Ginger (working undercover) and Voss had just made an attempt to steal a French Breguet bomber. They had gotten into trouble and had been ambushed by French security forces. Biggles and Ginger got away but Voss had been killed. After returning to Zebrit, Biggles and Ginger were sent to report to Raban at the Villa Mimosa. There, Biggles recognised the bearded, bald-headed man seated with Raban as Klutz. Apparently he had come down to the Villa Mimosa to learn what had gone wrong with the syndicate's latest operation.

Following the meeting, Raban sent Biggles and Ginger to Algiers to catch a commercial flight to Alexandria. There they met Klutz again, apparently also travelling to Alexandria. Klutz struck up a conversation with Biggles but part way through, he turned ashen and dropped his glasses in shock--he had just read a news story about the murder of Nestor Janescu. Thereafter he remained silent for the rest of the flight.

On arrival at Alexandria, Klutz appeared to have recovered from the shock and spoke to Biggles and Ginger again, this time advising them to stay at the Continentale Hotel in the North Crescent Square where apparently he himself was also staying.

Later that evening, when Biggles and Ginger returned to the hotel from the Aladdin's Lamp night-club, they found the place in darkness and stumbled upon the body of Klutz. He had just been murdered by Cy Lindsay.

Klutz's death was a severe blow for the war-mongering syndicate. Without an operations manager, the remaining committee members, Festwolder and Pantenelli were forced to come out into the open to run the syndicate themselves, thus paving the way for their own demise.

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