In Biggles Works It Out, John Brand was the manager of the Barula Creek gold mine in the Northern Territory of Australia.

After his gold convoy was ambushed and robbed, he welcomed Biggles' involvement in investigating the case. As he told Biggles, anyone who caught the criminals who murdered five of his employees would be his friend for life. He took Biggles out to the crime scene at Sandy Bottoms and also loaned him the services of his best tracker, an Australian aborigine named Joe. Joe's efforts resulted in the discovery of vital clues about the profile of the suspects.

Brand also told Biggles about a journalist named Dick Canton who had come to the mine wanting to write a story but who asked a lot of questions. Biggles suspected Canton might have been a scout, trying to discover the schedule of the gold convoy. Brand was able to give Biggles a detailed description of Canton and also added that he flew in on an American four-seater light aircraft. Biggles later discovered that this was an Aeronca rented by Canton from Len Holmes at Darwin Airport.

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