In The Case of the Flying Clown, Jones was a British mechanic who worked for "Air Thrills Unlimited", an air circus which was due to perform for the World Peace Conference at Paris.

British security authorities had inserted Wing Commander Jimmy Strickland undercover as a stunt pilot in the circus when they became suspicious that the main financial backer of the circus was the war-mongering industrialist Jacob Ironmaster. Jones, as Strickland's mechanic, was on scene and watching when Strickland took off on a test flight and crashed. Jones rushed to the aircraft and pulled Strickland out. Strickland was severely injured and soon died, but not before muttering, "Tell them to stop Nemo in Paris."

Jones subsequently left the circus and reported to Air Commodore Raymond. In relating his account of Strickland's death, Jones said he did not get a chance to see if the aircraft had been sabotaged. Apparently, while he was still holding on to Strickland, the circus clown Nemo had rushed past him to the aircraft and shortly thereafter, the aircraft had burst into flames. According to Jones, Nemo was a "ropy type" whom everybody at the circus disliked. He never seemed to take his make-up off and was believed to sleep in it.

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