In Biggles Foreign Legionnaire, Jules Raban was a lawyer who a senior member of the war-mongering syndicate. His house, the Villa Mimosa in Zebrit, Algiers, served as a safehouse for syndicate members as well as a recruiting centre for deserters of the French Foreign Legion which had a training centre in the same town.

When Voss, a senior syndicate pilot and a Legion deserter had been shot down and captured by the French authorities, Raban successfully defended him and got him off with a light sentence. Voss later escaped and was hiding in the Villa Mimosa for a while until he could be sent to join the syndicate's secret squadron.

Sergeant Voudron from the Foreign Legion served as the syndicate's talent spotter and would frequently report to Raban for instructions or to update him about the progress of his recruitment efforts. When Voudron spotted Biggles and Ginger as potential recruits for the syndicate, he incited them to desert and sent them to be interviewed by Raban who formally inducted them into the syndicate by presenting them with a special collar pin. Raban organised the kidnapping of Marcel Brissac and held him in the Villa Mimosa. However, Biggles came to know about this and informed Captain Joudrier, with the result that the Villa Mimosa was raided by the police, Marcel freed, and Raban arrested.

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