In Biggles in the Orient, Kong Po was the dhobi-wallah (laundryman) at Jangpur and also an enemy agent.

After exposing Lal Din as an enemy agent at Dum Dum, Biggles believed there had to be an agent at Jangpur who did the same thing--plant doped candy into the cockpits of aircraft to cause the pilots to lose consciousness and crash. Biggles thus devised a plan to smoke the agent out. He took off from Jangpur and then quickly returned. He stumbled unsteadily out of the aircraft as though he was under the influence of the dope in the candy and was helped to a room to rest. Biggles knew the enemy agent could not afford to allow Biggles to recover from the effects of the dope otherwise the method of sabotage would be exposed. Lal Din had to murder Sergeant Gray at Dum Dum for the same reason. So he waited for the enemy agent at Jangpur to show his hand.

Not long after, a figure crept into Biggles' bedroom and attempted to strangle him. Biggles was ready but the assassin had oiled his body and was dressed only in a loin cloth so Biggles had difficulty restraining him. In the end Biggles was obliged to shoot the assassin. Biggles had himself been wounded by the assassin's knife. The assassin turned out to be Kong Po, supposedly Chinese, and employed by Jangpur at the recommendation of Larapindi. A search of Kong Po's quarters revealed boxes of doped candy. A substantial sum of money was also found in his loin cloth. With Kong Po's demise, and having explained his method of sabotage to the station commander, Biggles declared the crisis over for Jangpur. They could resume their supply flights to China without further risk.

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