In Biggles Hunts Big Game, Kravas was the leader of the international counterfeiting ring which Biggles had been asked to investigate. An Armenian with a reputation of being the richest man in the Middle East, Kravas had in a palatial residence in Cairo and went by the codename of "Mr White" with the members of his gang. Kravas ran an extensive operation with spies everywhere. He knew within hours that Biggles had been assigned to the case. His gang had obtained photos of all the air police staff. When Biggles arrived in Cairo, keeping a low profile, Kravas nevertheless knew he had been seen in the city.

Towards the end of the book, Tug Carrington was detailed to fly him from Almaza Airport to the hunting-lodge at Kudinga, the base of his counterfeiting operations. Biggles, hiding nearby and waiting to stowaway on board the aircraft, had his first impression of "Mr White". To Biggles, Kravas seemed like a "short, fat, fussy little man", a bit too well-dressed in a dark suit, with a thick black moustache. He wore a diamond tie-pin of a size which Biggles thought was so vulgar that no British visitor would have been likely to wear.

A ruthless person, Kravas instructed Tug to stay near him and be ready to fly him out of Kudinga should there be trouble, abandoning everyone else who was there.

Kravas' fears were proven true when the Egyptian police led by Major Grattan raided the hunting-lodge shortly after his arrival. Kravas ran into the bamboo swamp near the power house to evade arrest. When Biggles came after him, he offered Biggles ten thousand pounds and later fifty thousand pounds to get him out. Biggles refused and Kravas retreated further into the swamp where he was bitten by a puff adder and died. Kravas' residence in Cairo was raided after his death. His nephew Louis. who worked as the gang's operative in Cairo, revealed to the police the location of Kravas' secret depository which contained extensive records and complete lists of all the people Kravas had employed in his various criminal ventures.

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