In Biggles Hunts Big Game, Kreeze was the manager of the hunting lodge at Kudinga run by the international counterfeiting gang. As manager, Kreeze greeted Bertie and Ginger when they arrived at the lodge under cover as officers of the Indian Army on a hunting holiday. Kreeze did not cut a good impression on Ginger. To him, Kreeze was the last person one expected to see managing a hunting lodge. As Johns put it, "There was nothing about the hale ad hearty sportsman about him." He was a dark, rather pompous little man dressed in town clothes, more suited as the manager of a West End hotel.

As manager, Kreeze gave Bertie and Ginger a welcome briefing to the Kudinga, laying particular emphasis on not straying outside the fenced in residence area without a guide and the fact that the power-plant by the lakeside was totally out of bounds because of snakes in the surrounding bamboo swamp. Later, when Ginger complained that the radio he carried in his luggage, Kreeze explained it away with a perfunctory apology and offering to relay any messages he wanted between him and his headquarters.

When Ginger disappeared in the course of their first hunting expedition, Kisumo again took Bertie to see Kreeze. By this time, Kreeze had been notified that Bertie was actually a Scotland Yard officer by means of photographs delivered to him by Tug Carrington, acting undercover as the company pilot. Kreeze was hostile to Bertie but asked him to go with Kisumo to continue to search for Ginger. Privately he had instructed Kisumo to shoot Bertie.

After hearing shots, Kreeze led the party to search for Berties body and indentified him and Kisumo as dead (although Bertie was only feigning death). Satisfied, he returned to his office. Not long after, Kravas, otherwise known as Mr White, came to Kudinga, unhappy that things appeared out of control. Kreeze had to admit that he still could not find Ginger but assured Kravas that he was well capable of managing the situation.

When Biggles arrived at Kudinga and linked up with Bertie, Ginger and Tug, Kreeze continued to direct the forces at Kudinga. Having been denied access to the power-plant (and the attached printing shop) by the resistance offered by Biggles and co., Kreeze changed strategy and placed a guard on the aircraft Tug had flown in, knowing that this was the only transport out of Kudinga. This led to a standoff between Biggles and Kreeze, as both made their way to the aircraft. Kreeze waved a white handkerchief and attempted to negotiate a settlement, which Biggles rejected. Both sides began to plan desperate measures to break the impasse but this was eventually resolved by Major Grattan who arrived with a strong force of Egyptian police on board two Bristol Bombay transports. Kreeze was arrested along with most of the other gang others who were not killed resisting arrest.

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