In Biggles in the Orient, Larapindi was a wealthy merchant, a partner of Messrs. Tahil and Larapindi of Calcutta, a company of shippers and merchant's agents. Tahil and Larapindi imported goods from and represented many British firms in India, such as Charneys, a manufacturer of confectionery based in Britain. Tahil and Larapindi had a large warehouse in the docks area of Calcutta and offices in many cities in Eastern India.

Larapindi managed the entire operations of the firm after his partner, Tahil, died from a snakebite while the two were playing golf together. Biggles later suggested this might have been a deliberate plot by Larapindi to get rid of his partner but this was never proven. As overall manager of his firm, Larapindi used it as a front for a Japanese spy ring in Calcutta. He drugged chewing gum and chocolates from Charneys and presented them as gifts to various messes in R.A.F. stations. He then inserted his men such as Lal Din and Kong Po as servants with the task of ensuring these drugged confectioneries were planted in aircraft cockpits.

Biggles met Larapindi towards the end of the book when he had almost solved the case. He visited the merchant at his residence, the "Mimosa Lodge" at Razlet Avenue in a wealthy neighbourhood of Calcutta east of the Maidan. It was Biggles' intention to catch Larapindi red handed and he needed to set up the circumstances for it. Biggles told Larapindi that Lal Din had died and the mess needed an urgent replacement. Larapindi agreed to send one by the morning. After Biggles left, he waited outside the house and then followed Larapindi to his warehouse.

Once Biggles was certain Larapindi had gathered his operatives, 666 Squadron raided the warehouse. In the ensuing struggle, Larapindi managed to escape and made his way upriver to where he kept a Percival Gull floatplane. he attempted to flee in the aircraft but Biggles pursued him in a Spitfire and shot him down, killing him.

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