In The Case of the Murdered Apprentice, Larford Hall was an estate in Buckbury and the residence of Mrs Karena Vanester.

The murdered aircraft apprentice Edmund Teale was last seen around eleven at night walking on a footpath which would have taken him past Larford Hall. When his body was discovered on the Dutch coast the next morning, it was obvious that an aircraft must have been employed to transport him there. By studying a map, Biggles concluded that the only place an aircraft could have landed in the neighbourhood was a large field within the Larford Hall estate. By checking on the background and correspondence patterns of the resident Mrs Vanester, Biggles suspected that her brother in Holland, one Rudolf Lurgens, with whom she frequently corresponded with, was a prime suspect. Biggles acted on this suspicion, lured Lurgens to Larford Hall and arrested him there.

Larford Hall is a fictional location, as is Buckbury, the village in Essex that the estate is located in.

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